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Virtual Teambuilding Events

Using our unique blend of puzzles, historical and cultural trivia, live interaction, and "how'd they do that?" impossibility, our virtual challenges can adapt to fit remote teams of 20 to 20,000 based anywhere in the world and can be hosted on the video conference provider of your choice.

Larger groups are divided into smaller teams that compete against each other to find and decode a series of interactive clues hidden in plain sight throughout the world wide web.

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In our premium experiences, such as “Post Haste”, challengers also receive parcels couriered to them that include tactile puzzles as well as tasty treats. 

For those who really want to wow, “The Crate Gotham Challenge” is a veritable gift box full of keepsakes and ephemera - each valuable in their own right - that also combine to reveal a delightful series of hidden puzzles and clues woven together into a thematic narrative.

A Parcel in the Snow

Our Challenges

  • The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the younger Control/Alt/Decode: The Ambassadors
  • Jazz Musicians Control/Alt/Decode: Music Crazy
  • A graphic of an envelope with stamps and postmarks. Post Haste
  • A Crate Gotham Challenge parcel in the snow The Crate Gotham Challenge
The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the younger

Control/Alt/Decode: The Ambassadors

A virtual clue hunt inspired by one of history’s most mysterious and enigmatic works of fine art. Delve deep into the painting’s cryptic symbology, and uncover puzzles that span the internet and interweave with the artist’s masterwork.

Jazz Musicians

Control/Alt/Decode: Music Crazy

Based around a little known 1930’s jazz tune - this challenging virtual hunt will have music lovers humming and tapping their way to victory as they solve clues and puzzles that interface with both the song, and the history of music at large.

A graphic of an envelope with stamps and postmarks.

Post Haste

Players of this well-loved game all receive couriered envelopes that contain tactile puzzles and - for the more premium experiences, a tasty treat. The clues and puzzles weave together with little known trivia about the American story and our democracy’s long journey of progress.

A Crate Gotham Challenge parcel in the snow

The Crate Gotham Challenge

Our premium virtual product. Each participant receives a five pound gift box packed with what at-first-sight appears to be a cozy collection of luxury gifts. Players soon learn that each item contains a hidden puzzle, linking it to a broader thematic narrative that will have them eating, drinking, and sleuthing their way to victory.

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Our “off-the-shelf” challenges are available to run on pre-set courses. However, what if you want something more bespoke?

Our custom challenges give our clients complete freedom to shape the experience as they see fit, from format to difficulty to theme - we add special details like inside jokes, product or industry themes, or company history, mission and vision elements.

We can build in premium experiences (like buzzing down the river in a speedboat;) luxurious, private locations; or even build bespoke challenges in a completely new city for your special event. If a custom event sounds like a good match for your team and fits within your budget, we’d love to help. Just ask!

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"We had high expectations and they were far exceeded. The challenges were difficult, extremely creative, and completely customized to our group. Suffice it to say our group couldn't have possibly had more fun. Thank you for making me look great!"

Robin Manager, Hedge fund office

"I'm always very skeptical of these "team-building" events, but this one was over the top. They successfully handled our 120-person team, with puzzles that were really challenging. The whole experience couldn't have been more engaging!"

Grace Lab manager, IBM Quantum Computing

"One of our directors told me it was one of the best organized online challenges they've done."

Mike Team Lead, Google

"[The challenge] shattered any expectations I had. For a fully remote event, I expected a bit of cheesy fun, but the production quality is unbelievable. I absolutely recommend everyone to try it."

Raj Tech Team Member, Meta

"To quote one of my teammates: "This [challenge] was mean and hard, and resultantly perfect." Thank you for the stellar experience, service, and fun."

Danica Team Lead, Software engineering company

"For a few hours, you get to feel like a secret agent as you traverse the mundane real world with a VIP pass for curated wonder."

Room Escape Artist Industry Review,

"A mixture of live actors, custom puzzles, and clues built around pre-existing and famous structures in lends the event a sort of glam DaVinci Code energy."

No Proscenium Industry Review,


Great Gotham Challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime event that starts at $2000 for our most basic, 2-hour in-person experience. However, most of our events are several times that scale - If you're dreaming big for a custom event, so are we!

To get in touch with one of our Bespokespeople, enter your information below, including any helpful details about date, number of participants, and budget.

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