Yes, we are still running challenges in these challenging times.

We look forward to returning to running our signature challenges on the streets of New York City very soon. In the meantime, we have developed a special “shelter n' race” challenge for those seeking an immersive puzzle adventure that can be completed from the comfort and safety of home. Check out more information on our flagship (for public events) and bespoke (for private events) pages.

The Great Gotham Challenge is a large-scale immersive puzzle adventure. As the clock ticks, participating teams race against each other to find and decode a series of interactive clues that engage cultural and historic themes.

We host public "flagship" challenges twice a year, and - for those who can pay - create one-of-a-kind private "bespoke" experiences for clients and companies. We have adapted our offerings to meet the challenges of social distancing and quarantining in the time of COVID-19, and are offering work-from-home team-building events that will bring your employees together, whether they are across town or across the globe.

To hear about our next event, please sign up for our communique below:

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