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Large Group Events

NYC Events For Large Groups

Our experience is designed from the ground up to work well with hundreds, or even thousands, of participants. Many times the bigger the group, the more competitive and fun the Challenge is!

Players are broken up into groups of three to six participants with whom they will collaborate through the challenge. Each team is connected to their teammates through our proprietary web app where they can read their current clues, ask for hints, and contact the Cluemasters if they need help - allowing everyone to work at their own pace.

We have designed our "off-the-shelf" challenges in New York City to work well with groups of up to 100 players, and regularly use our extensive experience in game flow and mechanics to custom-design challenges that accommodate much larger groups.

We are experts in managing large groups, and often split larger groups into "waves" and use our app's proprietary routing to engineer load balancing at every station, ensuring that even with group sizes in the thousands, every team has a great experience.

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A large group of players preparing for "The Great Gotham Challenge" scavenger hunt.

Custom Events

Our “off-the-shelf” challenges are available to run on pre-set courses. However, what if you want something more bespoke?

Our custom challenges give our clients complete freedom to shape the experience as they see fit, from format to difficulty to theme - we add special details like inside jokes, product or industry themes, or company history, mission and vision elements.

We can build in premium experiences (like buzzing down the river in a speedboat;) luxurious, private locations; or even build bespoke challenges in a completely new city for your special event. If a custom event sounds like a good match for your team and fits within your budget, we’d love to help. Just ask!

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Great Gotham Challenge is like nothing your team has ever experienced. It's challenging, takes mental grit to complete, and starts at $2000 for our most basic, 2-hour in-person experience. If you are looking for something short, simple, and inexpensive, this may not be for you. However, if this sounds intriguing, we can't wait to hear from you via the contact form below.

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