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Central Park Sprint: Summer Series

We have added two new dates of our Central Park Sprint this fall! Assemble your team and join us October 21 or October 28!

Lasting 1.5-2 hours, it will still involve our signature immersive experiences, Cluemasters, and clever puzzles stashed in plain sight, but with a more “walk in the park” vibe. It’s great for a relaxing afternoon, families, or a first date (if you’re still unsure they’re right/GGC material).

The experience will end in the park with a picnic lunch, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Two people sprinting

Additional Information

  • Participants will be responsible for organizing their own teams of two to four.

  • The challenge will involve roughly one mile of foot travel.

  • No private, motorized transport is allowed.

  • Any codebreaker, detective, investigator, or historian of good will is invited to enter.

  • For those who participated in previous Central Park Challenges, this will contain some repeated clues.

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