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Summon your team and prepare for this year’s flagship event: The Great Gotham Challenge MMXXIV.

On June 8th and 15th, 2024, sleuths in teams of two to four will compete in a battle of code-breaking, riddle-solving, and of course, googling. As always, participating teams will race as the clock ticks to find and decode a series of interactive clues that intertwine with the city's rich culture and history. The first team to complete the challenge and arrive at the final celebration will be awarded the grand prize.

For those stalwarts that remain in the great city of Gotham, or can arrive there by June, we look forward to challenging you once again. And for the brave new entrants that have never tasted the city as only a Great Gotham Challenger can…prepare yourselves.

A train photo with the text June 8 & 15 2024


GGC is bringing back a Summer Series of two challenges.  This year you can choose to participate our walk in the park experience, the Central Park Sprint, or our weather-proof experience, The Terminal Time Trial, or both!


Lasting 1.5-2 hours, the Terminal Time Trial involves our signature immersive experiences, Cluemasters, and clever puzzles stashed in plain sight, now protected from the weather! Great when it's raining or just too hot to be outside on the street.

Three challengers looking up at the ceiling and pointing


Three people running under a dark bridge

Lasting 1.5-2 hours, it will still involve our signature immersive experiences, Cluemasters, and clever puzzles stashed in plain sight, but with a more “walk in the park” vibe. It’s great for a relaxing afternoon, families, or a first date (if you’re still unsure they’re right/GGC material).


Congratulations to the following teams who have won a Great Gotham Challenge:

ABCD, Augustus Cloof, Blue Tang Clan, Cookie Time, Dean Baker, Dirty Bayes, Elemental Guessing Machine, Flemish Giants, Grid System, I am fun, Midnight Marauders, Octomarx, PEAKing Gus, [Redacted], Snoofaloofagus and Clyde, Team Avatar, Team Crank, Team Prospect, The Dallas Spiders Club, The Power Brokers, The Real Story is the Antibodies We Got Along the Way


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