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Welcome to The Great Gotham Challenge

We started creating immersive challenges because we love opening portals to new worlds, and surprising audiences with “how’d-they-do-that” moments of awe. Our experiences are designed to mystify even the people who have already done events “like” a scavenger hunt or escape room before. With us, you’ll experience a challenge you won’t be able to compare to anything else.

A collage of people playing the Great Gotham Challenge.  A couple running, a man and woman solving a puzzle, and two couples rowing in a pond.
A heavily tattooed man helping a woman holding ice cream cones solve a puzzle in the streets of New York City.

Explore hidden universes.

There’s a world underneath our own, hidden in history. Our games invite you to peel back a layer of reality and discover truths hidden in plain sight. Instead of being trapped in an escape room, we want you to experience the limitless possibilities of the real world.

Don’t suspend your disbelief.

True play requires you to bring yourself to the challenge, not play a character you’ve never met. Instead of forcing players to “play pretend,” we invite your team to play a game while being fully themselves — which opens up truly creative adventures.

People in a bar laying papers on a bench while solving a puzzle.
A group of excited people standing in a circle in New York City taking items out of a box.

Let go of preconceived notions.

Not only is play fun, but it exercises an important muscle: Empathy. Getting a little bit outside of your comfort zone replaces jadedness with wonder. Let the game surprise you.

The Great Gotham Challenge owners Jon Seale and Ryan Patch standing speaking to a crowd.

Our Cluemasters

Our team of brilliant Cluemasters and Clue Creators hail from the film industry, virtual reality design, music production and performance, immersive theater and interactive gaming. We’re experience enthusiasts who are designing the games we want to play.

About Gotham Immersive Laboratories

The Great Gotham Challenge is the flagship project of Gotham Immersive Laboratories, a creative agency and production studio focused on the development and implementation of immersive activations and other frontier story-telling initiatives for like-minded companies and forward-thinking brands. To learn more about our work and see other projects from our portfolio, 

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"We had high expectations and they were far exceeded. The challenges were difficult, extremely creative, and completely customized to our group. Suffice it to say our group couldn't have possibly had more fun. Thank you for making me look great!"

Robin Manager, Hedge fund office

"I'm always very skeptical of these "team-building" events, but this one was over the top. They successfully handled our 120-person team, with puzzles that were really challenging. The whole experience couldn't have been more engaging!"

Grace Lab manager, IBM Quantum Computing

"One of our directors told me it was one of the best organized online challenges they've done."

Mike Team Lead, Google

"[The challenge] shattered any expectations I had. For a fully remote event, I expected a bit of cheesy fun, but the production quality is unbelievable. I absolutely recommend everyone to try it."

Raj Tech Team Member, Meta

"To quote one of my teammates: "This [challenge] was mean and hard, and resultantly perfect." Thank you for the stellar experience, service, and fun."

Danica Team Lead, Software engineering company

"For a few hours, you get to feel like a secret agent as you traverse the mundane real world with a VIP pass for curated wonder."

Room Escape Artist Industry Review,

"A mixture of live actors, custom puzzles, and clues built around pre-existing and famous structures in lends the event a sort of glam DaVinci Code energy."

No Proscenium Industry Review,


Great Gotham Challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime event that starts at $2000 for our most basic, 2-hour in-person experience. However, most of our events are several times that scale - If you're dreaming big for a custom event, so are we!

To get in touch with one of our Bespokespeople, enter your information below, including any helpful details about date, number of participants, and budget.

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