Great Gotham Challenge: Industry City Dash

On Saturday, the 14th of July, you are invited to participate in the Industry City Dash. Sleuths in teams of two to four will test their wits in a battle of code-breaking, riddle-solving, and of course, googling.

We're teaming up with Industry City, a historic shipping, warehousing, and manufacturing complex in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, to bring you a Challenge with unprecedented access to the Industry City campus.

Participating teams race as the clock ticks to find and decode a series of interactive clues that intertwine with Industry City's rich history and unique tenants, and unique spaces. The teams to complete the challenge and arrive at the ultimate destination will be awarded up to $400 in cash prizes!

Pre-Registration is now unavailable online. If you would like to participate, please come to the starting line - the stage in the courtyard between Industry City buildings 1/2, accessed through 254 36th St, Brooklyn - 10 minutes before either the 1:00 or 1:40 wave. Bring $20 in cash for each team of 4.

Further Information:

  • Each team's admission fee will be only $20, and includes a drink at the final location (yes, you read that right).
  • Participants will be responsible for organizing their own teams of two to four.
  • Exact starting location shall be sent out 24 hours before.
  • Any codebreaker, detective, investigator, or historian of good will is invited to enter.
  • A limited number of teams may participate in this challenge, so reserve your spot early.
  • Good luck, and may the best team win!

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