From the minds that brought you THE GREAT GOTHAM CHALLENGE comes a new kind of challenge: a virtual race in which teams of four around the globe will be eligible to compete. Similar to our NYC-based offerings, this adventure is designed to be a test of knowledge, code-cracking, digital intuition, and mettle. Unlike our previous creations however, this challenge course can be completed without ever leaving home.

After an extraordinarily successful and sold-out CHAPTER ONE, the cluemasters have returned for CHAPTER TWO. So, on Saturday, the 11th and 18th of July, you are invited to join our second unprecedented Great Gotham Challenge tailor-made for our unprecedented times.

Sleuths in teams of four will test their wits in a battle of code-breaking, puzzling, riddle-solving, and of course, googling. Challengers will be given a series of cyberspace-based clues, the answer to each unlocking the next. The first team to complete the challenge and arrive at the virtual finish line will be awarded the grand prize.

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Further Information:

  • Each team's admission fee will be $40 total.
  • The challenge will begin live at 2pm EDT. Instructions to login will be sent to your email 24 hours in advance.
  • Participants will be responsible for organizing their own teams of four players.
  • This challenge is designed for four players working together, if you have trouble recruiting all four players please contact the Cluemasters for instructions day before
  • Team members are not required to be in the same physical space; we encourage virtual collaboration and quaranteems.
  • The challenge is platform agnostic - it may be completed by those within a quarantine house together, or via the video or teleconferencing app of your choice.
  • Any codebreaker, detective, investigator, or historian of good will is invited to enter.
  • A limited number of teams may participate in this challenge, so reserve your spot early.
  • Good luck, and may the best team win!

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