From the minds that brought you GGC: CTRL ALT DECODE and the upcoming EMERALD FLAME comes an unprecedented immersive puzzle event in collaboration with Post Curious to be premiered Dec 5th at 2pm EST.

In THE GREAT GOTHAM CHALLENGE: POST HASTE, teams around the globe will register to have specially prepared puzzle parcels delivered to their doors, and  neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall stay these clue couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Sleuths in teams of four will test their wits in a battle of code-breaking, puzzling, riddle-solving, and of course, googling. Challengers will be sent puzzle packets for use in the challenge and - upon opening said packets at the commencement of the challenge - will be met with a series of cyberspace-based and tactile clues, the answer to each unlocking the next. The first team to complete the challenge and arrive at the virtual finish line will be awarded the grand prize

Due to the demanding nature of logistics for this challenge, it's imperative all seekers of good will read the following information closely.

Further Information

  • Each team's admission fee will be $150 total.
  • This entry fee includes domestic US shipping for four (4) puzzle packets to individuals.
  • This challenge is designed for four players working in tandem. If you have trouble recruiting all four players, please contact the Cluemasters for instructions.
  • Team members are not required to be in the same physical space; we encourage virtual collaboration.
  • The challenge is platform agnostic - it may be completed by those within a quarantine house together, or via the video or teleconferencing app of your choice.
  • Any codebreaker, detective, investigator, or historian of goodwill is invited to enter, from anywhere in the world.
  • No discounts for multiple packets shipped to the same address.
  • International shipping via FEDEX available for $75 / player. We are a puzzle company and our expertise is not in shipping things, so we have decided to proceed with courier services that work well, for a flat fee for anywhere in the world. We will follow up for international shipping payments after purchase.
  • You may purchase your ticket without your whole team's mailing addresses. We will follow up via email for your team's address on 11/20. Teams without fully-submitted mailing addresses by 11/23 will forfeit their ticket without a refund.
  • A limited number of teams may participate in this challenge, so reserve your spot early.
  • Good luck, and may the best team win!
Your Cluemasters eagerly await your participation.

Copyright 2020 Gotham Immersive Laboratories.


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