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The Great Gotham Challenge is the amazing race, pub trivia and National Treasure rolled into one glorious, fun package.


The most original and memorable event I've had the pleasure of discovering since 'Sleep No More.'


This is not just a scavenger hunt. There is rich, compelling storytelling. There are side characters, mysterious artifacts, coded messages, maps, secrets hidden in plain sight, covert phone calls, mad dashes...


My body got a workout. My brain got a workout. But most importantly, my heart for NY got a workout. Even after 10 years of living in this amazing city, I learned new things about its heritage that made me fall in love with New York all over again."


Trying to describe The Great Gotham Challenge to someone who hasn't experienced it is like trying to explain cocaine to someone who has not partaken. These guys have invented a completely new medium, and then perfected it.


This website contains information about our public "Great Gotham Challenge" events. For more information on private and bespoke offerings, check out our parent company, Gotham Immersivie Labs.

Press: gamemaker@ggc.nyc.

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